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InterGuard is Citrix ready.

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Record Our computer monitoring software records all computer activity on or off your network. Our cloud or yours.

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Report Choose from over 30 preset reports or easily create your own. Reports can be automated to run at predetermined times and sent to a distribution list. Alert Easily create keyword, website category or anomalous behavior alerts, that can be emailed to any distribution list on a schedule you create. How is InterGuard Different? Works On and Off Network Deployed at the endpoint, InterGuard computer monitoring software works whether your employees are in the office or working remotely.

User Activity Monitoring Makes a Difference. Productivity By recording all computer activity, both on or off network, InterGuard helps you maximize employee productivity.

Data Security InterGuard computer monitoring software protects your hard-earned intellectual property by recording all computer activity and alerting any suspicious user activity or anomalous behavior. Compliance Because InterGuard records all employee computer activity, you will always have the forensic data at your fingertips to sort through using our intelligent search analytics. Reporting Features Choose from over 30 preset reports or build your own. Computer monitoring reports can be customized, scheduled and emailed on demand.

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User Activity Monitoring Gain context by seeing all users stack-ranked for any computer activity. See who are the top web surfers or who sends the most emails. I am using this only because we have TEENS in the house all with exceptionally traumatic pasts so wife and I decided we needed to monitor things.

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I really like the website logging and chat logging. Yesterday I got the Sniperspy to work, and I am completely satisfied with the results.

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Once again, thank you very much for your patience and assistance. Extensive Computer Monitoring Software Solution Ever wondered what your child or employee does on the computer when you are not there?

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When the term "employee monitoring" crops up, many people immediately imagine cameras and secret software agents installed on computers. We spent hours testing monitoring software on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices, downloading each monitoring program on.

Here are just a few of the program features:. Why Parents Use Computer Monitoring Software Recent studies showed that children get into all kinds of trouble when they have access to computers without supervision. Real Customer Stories "The sniper program is working well and does not bog the system or present a key lag. LIVE Screenshots. Website History.

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Chat Conversations. LIVE Keystrokes. Profanity Alert Logs.

enter site Get alert when the user views a page with obscene words or types profanity. Browse Remote Files.

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Application Usage Logs. Web Filter.


If any suspicious activity is detected, Cerebral Security will send an alert to the business security team. Spytech has earned hundreds of awards from software review and download websites. Other parents, especially those with children who play sports, sometimes see their children become addicted to prescription pain killers. They are growing and learning. Employee Monitoring Software is a powerful tool to address lack of employee productivity while protecting your company against security breaches and disloyal employees. On the internet platform, there is a wide range of parental control software that offers the best features for parents.

You determine which web sites can be viewed and which sites are disallowed. App Filter. Social Media Filter. Chat IM Filter. Time Control. Launch Application or URL.